5 Oral Care Tips for Kids

Kids take a lot of sugar-loaded treats such as chocolates and candies. Denying them such treats sends the wrong message, and this can make them irresistible to such treats where they may end up sneaking with the chocs or taking too much of it. Since this may result in tooth decay, it is always a great idea to let them enjoy such treats but train them to protect their teeth from the start. So, let’s have a look at oral care tips for kids and be sure to apply them with your little one.

1. Clean your kid’s teeth daily

You should clean your kid’s teeth daily to prevent the accumulation of plaque. You can do this even before they grow their first tooth. In this case, use a soft and wet washcloth to wipe off the food left on the gums after a meal. Once the teeth grow, use a soft-bristled brush and brush the teeth gently, where you can do this at least twice a day.

2. Use little amounts of fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride toothpaste isn’t the best option for use with small kids. However, it doesn’t mean that you should not introduce it to your little one. Hence, use a minute amount of fluoride toothpaste with little kids and increase the amount as the kid grows.

The reason why this is recommendable is that kids can end up swallowing the toothpaste, which results in dental fluorosis. So, opt for toothpaste that is made with kids in minds to enhance their safety. Furthermore, you should opt to use a soft-bristled toothbrush that features colorful designs to encourage kids to use it more.

3. Visit the dentist at least one time each year

Regular visits to the dentist is another tip designed to ensure good oral care in kids. So, start by looking for a professional dentist who is willing to help you with maintaining good oral practices with your kids. Dental visits should help avoid dental problems such as gum disease and cavities. This protects you from expensive long-run treatments while protecting your kid from the stress of dental treatments – learn more on oral health presentation for kids.

4. Watch the objects your kids put in the mouth

You should take note of the objects your kid puts in the mouth since a range of them play a role in transmitting bacteria that cause cavities in your newborn’s mouth. So, protect them from putting dirty items such as toys or utensils in the mouth to prevent transmission of bacteria. Also, keep sharp objects away so that they do not use them to remove plaque between the teeth since they might end up cutting their gum.

5. Floss daily

Although most parents tend to think that flossing is for permanent teeth, this is not the case. You should introduce this technique as soon as your kid grows teeth. The reason is that cleaning the plaque between touching teeth tends to be challenging since you cannot get rid of all food. So, allows your little one to floss since this helps to get rid of the plaque stuck between the teeth.


Dental care and oral hygiene should start within the first months of your kid’s life. So, avoid waiting until your baby is all grown to apply the oral care tips discussed above. In fact, apply some of the tips before the teething stage as these steps help to cavity-proof your baby’s mouth.